Have you ever wondered how

people on Facebook update status
via anything like iPhone 6, iPhone
5s even when they don’t have
one? Various sites on the internet
help you update status. Like wise
if you scroll down even you can
update your facebook status via
Today, you will get the secret trick
which is used by these users to
fake their device names on
Facebook. This post only for fun.
You will update FB status via
laptop, but Facebook will show
your status being updated from IOS
or even iPhone. So, how to do
this? Let us get into the steps to
update your facebook status via

You might have seen your friends
update facebook status via iPhone
5 , Blackberry, iPhone 6 etc. How
do they update facebook status via

Are you ready to update status via
iOS or iPhone? OK. Check the links
below to update Facebook via
anything. Yes, almost anything!
Click on the link below according
to your choice. Type in your status
and hit on “Share”. The status will
highlight the device you selected
here. Enjoy! Use the links below to
update your status via iOS or any
device. This is working trick which
i found on the Internet and wanted
to share it with you guys. I’m sure
once you update your status using
this trick ,your friends would flood
your wall with comments and
Use the links below to update your
status via iOS or any device:

•Via iOS
•via FBI
•Via iPhone 6
•Via Galaxy Nexus
•Via Blackberry
•Via BlackBerry Z10
•Via Nokia 808 PureView
•Via iPad Mini
•Via iPad 2
•Via HTC One
•Via Samsung Galaxy SIII
•Via Samsung Galaxy Note 3
•Via Samsung Galaxy Grand
•Via xperia™
•Via xperia Z
•Via Calculator
•Via iPhone
•Via Android (official)
•Via Windows Phone (official)
•Via Ovi by Nokia
•Via HTC Sense
•Via Tasha’s iMac i7
•Via The Moon
•Via Alcohol
•Via Alien spacecraft
•Via NASA Satellite
•Via Cigarettes
•Via KFC
•via Pizza Hut
•Via Mc donalds

I hope now you will be able to
update status via iPhone, Android
or any other devices. Please feel
free to post your comments.

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